The Second World War: tank battles, naval battles, air raids. In Call of War, you write history anew. Intelligent alliances or reckless expansion, secret weapons research or assault. Choose your strategy, build up your economy and fight against real players on historic battlefields.

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Call of War Trailer

Call of War Trailer

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Call of War 1.5 Event #1-Sign-up ends November 12, 2019. 5 A.M. EST
Pacific Conquest Scenario Rotation-Available Until November 18, 2019. 4 A.M. EST
-Call of War 1.5!-Urban Provinces and New Buildings (forum)
-Espionage Price Changes
-Stock Market Overhaul
-Elite AI for ALL Players
-Research Balancing
-Paratrooper Units

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Set during the turbulent years leading up to, during and after the Second World War. Call of war is a game where you decide how history plays out, choose not to invade France and the low countries while playing as Germany, conquer Europe as Turkey or invade the United Kingdom as the US, in Call of War you decide. Wage war on a multitude of frontiers whether it be above the clouds or below the oceans, on land, in cities, dense hedgerow country or rolling desert tundra. Call of war is a game where anything can happen. Choose your strategy, full-frontal assault or political manipulation, careful diplomacy or open hostility. Build up your economy and fight against real players on historic battlefields.

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